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Shaynelle's story - at the age of five, my older sister and I were placed in foster care. My mother was addicted to drugs, and I didn’t even know my father...

Kate’s story is not too different from that of many other children or adults with developmental disabilities.  Causes are often attributed to ...

Sarah is 15 years old. She is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Mood Disorder...
Resource homes must now comply with the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA) which means that smoking is not allowed in a resource home when a child is present. A child cannot even be placed in a home where any household member smokes if the child is under five years of age or has a medical condition, such as asthma, which can affect breathing. Resource parents must post a “No Smoking” sign in their homes and sign a statement showing that they will comply with the regulations. Since this law came down from the federal government to the states and now to the local level, there can be no waivers granted. If a family refuses to comply with the law, we are required to close the home. Your FCS worker will go over our policy with you and ask you to put a “No Smoking” sign up in your home and sign the “Compliance Agreement” during one of your upcoming visits. The State is working toward a totally smoke-free environment for children in care because second-hand smoke has been shown to be a known carcinogen and harmful to health in other ways. There is no “risk-free” level of exposure to secondhand smoke.
01 Resource Family Memo for January
02 Resource Family Memo for February
03 Resource Family Memo for March
04 Resource Family Memo for April
05 Resource Family Memo for May
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12 December Christmas Letter
Bedbug information from WebMD
Chapter 51 Regulations
55 PA. CODE CH. 51 provides additional rules and regulations for Office of Developmental Programs Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). Residential care is a Home and Community-Based Service.
Lice information from WebMD
MRSA Safety
Prevention of Sexual Abuse Policy
Resource Family Manual
Universal Precautions

Forms ( sort by: Number or Title)
004 Client Physical - C&Y & CRRS
008 Dental examination - DD
008A Eye Examination - DD
008B Gynecological Exam - DD
008D Medication Administration Record - DD
009 DD Client Physical
018 Fire Drill Record
018CH Fire Drill Record for CLA only
019 Fire System Check Log
021 Client Inventory of Personal Property
027 Seizure Activity Record
029 Daily Documentation Log
047 Physical - Family Member
060 Initial Clothing & Medical Reimbursement Form
063 Provider Reimbursement for Client Expenses
063A Provider Reimbursement Missing Receipt Form
070 Medical Examination - Client
088 No Harm Contract
097 Staff Physical Form
104 Behavior Plan
105 Dental Examination Form
152 House Rules - CRRS
153 Physicians Written Medication Instructions - CRRS
229 Reimbursement Claim for Cash Given to Clients
235 Medication Administration Record
250 Recreational Social Activities (DD)
252 Personal Property Inventory of Items over $25 - DD
253 Spending Cash (DD)
257 Family Safety Contract
264 Physician Medication Review

00 - Childline - online clearances and report
You will need to create an account
01 - PA State Police online background checks
02 - FBI Background checks/ fingerprinting info
Click on "PA Department of Public Welfare", NOT "Department of Education"
03 - Mandated Reporter Training
Centers for Disease Control Parent Portal
Welcome to the CDC Parent Portal! Here you will find a wealth of information from across all of CDC, covering everything from safety at home and the community to immunization schedules and developmental milestones. Let the CDC Parent Portal help you keep your child healthy and safe!
Childline History Clearance Form
Online training
The South Central PA Health Care Quality Unit (HCQU) offers free online training from their website. Go to the link listed above and register. You need an email address and password to register. Once you login you will be directed to the Course Index page. Click on any course and follow the directions given. Upon successful completion you will be provided with a Certification of Completion. It is important to print this certificate and give to your client supervisor to earn credit for the class. If you need assistance navigating the website, please contact your client supervisor.
Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association
The Pennsylvania State Resource family Association advocates for all those who care about children and their families. We work supportively with foster, adoptive, and kinship families, and with local foster parent associations and agencies who care for the children we serve.
Summit Health/ Summit Endowment
The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network
The role of SWAN is to address barriers to permanency for children and to respond to the increased numbers of children needing adoption services. To achieve this mission we adhere to a model of public and private collaboration for adoption services demonstrating a statewide program that provides safety and permanency for the children.
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