Kate's Story
Kate’s story is not too different from that of many other children or adults with developmental disabilities. Causes are often attributed to genetic disorders or trauma at some point in their lives; Kate’s story is quite similar. Kate started her life with a normal birth and was meeting expected developmental milestones until 14 months of age. She was walking at that time. She contracted meningitis and went into a coma for about a week. The meningitis left her with profound mental retardation and a severe seizure disorder. She regressed to functioning on a several-months age level at discharge from the hospital. She was also irritable, with crying behaviors and negative reactions to many stimuli. At that time she did not wish to be touched or held.
Kate’s family needed some help with her care and she was placed in a family living home in 1987. Kate had some very unique needs. She needed many different therapies and required a lot of physical care. Her first two homes worked for a few years, but did not work out long term. Kate found her home and life sharing caregiver in 1991 and has been there ever since. Now, Kate enjoys an Everyday Life with the collaborative help and support from her entire treatment team.

Developmental Disability Program

FAMILY LIVING This program provides long-term, residential placement in private (Life Sharing) homes for individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, who are not able to live in their own home. Some attend day programs or sheltered workshops while others stay at home. Some are high functioning and able to care for most of their daily needs with reminders while others are profoundly developmentally disabled and require total care. These individuals are usually adults over the age of 18 and are in need of caregivers. (Those who provide care for them are known as caregivers).

COMMUNITY HOMES In our agency, these services are identical to Family Living, except that more than two individual are permitted to live in one home.
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